Sparkling Team Collaboration with Pfizer

Pfizer teams of ‘Bright Sparks’

As the team from Pfizer recently discovered, our Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session is great fun and draws on the creative talents of the group, brings out their competitive spirit, and is all for a great cause and special charity.

Not only did this team learn about the amazing work Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia does, but they also gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of their colleagues and helped bring joy and happiness to sick kids at the same time by assembling ‘Sparkle’ packs for them.

That’s the magic of our team building sessions. They’re not only great fun, but they touch everyone’s heart – your people will leave the session feeling more connected to their colleagues than before, with a greater appreciation of each other and a strong sense of purpose has made a difference to others less fortunate than themselves.

Thanks to the amazing Pfizer Champs Camp team for throwing themselves into the activities, sharing so openly with each other, and generally getting into the spirit of the session!