Thank you for such a powerful and eye opening experience.” – Andrew

There are many facets to and needs for team building. Whether a leader is looking to build relationships and strengthen the team bonds, boost morale and team spirit in the face of unrelenting work pressure or just looking to have some fun and blow off some steam, a team building event plays a critical role for every team. This is no more true than for end of year team events when colleagues are brought together before Christmas to let their hair down so to speak and celebrate the year.

Getting your people together anytime of the year is a good thing and stepping away from the computer and desk to have some quality connection time is not only good for their mental health but essential for fostering closer team dynamics.

With the right team building session much team healing can take place to start to repair any broken or fractured relationships that the pressure cooker of work has caused. This is particularly important towards the end of the year as the months of frustration have built up.

Plus, when distracted by a team session that is all about having fun and focused on a charity, a group can more comfortably engage their peers in general discussions that don’t have a direct correlation to work. In fact, by avoiding work topics, the group can relax and let their guard down and find common and shared views and beliefs that unite them around important social ‘life’ topics. It is often through discussions around such ‘non work’ topics that someone’s personality can be revealed and shine.

“It was a cracking day!” – Matt

And by doing team activities in the session that are designed to help a charity in the process, a group will have the added sense of purpose, which is accentuated as we get closer to Christmas when the spirit of giving is at its strongest. In fact, for many staff, doing something meaningful is an expectation before the Christmas break and gives a sense of purpose that Transends work.

Besides knowing that 50% of the net profit going to our charity partners from each session, the fact that our sessions include team activities that enable staff to directly give back to the charity and help them in their work in the community, is a proven tonic for the soul and serves to excite, inspire and importantly unite and mobilise work teams. In short, our team building sessions serve to top up the morale tank for our clients as the Customer Relations & Advocacy team at QBE recently discovered when they took part in a Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session.

Not only did they have great fun getting to know colleagues they didn’t know well, but the team activities provided an important creative outlet and catalyst to bring out the best of talents in the group. The session provided a great platform for their GM to cover important strategic issues and plans and set up their second conference day well.

So, when you’re looking for something special to do with your team as a way to celebrate the year that has been, or just looking to have some fun away from the office before the end of the year to welcome in the Christmas/New Year holidays and recharge the collective batteries ahead of 2024, any one of our twelve sessions are up to the mark. With such a variety of charities and topics to choose from, all of which will enable your people to have fun and give back, you will be spoilt for choice!

“Absolutely loved it!” – Ankit

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