By now, following the Christmas and school holidays, no doubt you and your team will have well and truly cleared the cobwebs and hit the ground running. Can you believe it’s the end of February already?

Before we know it, we’ll be talking about the end of financial year, taking time to hopefully celebrate a great six months and the goals we’ve achieved.

Celebrating success is particularly important after the frenetic year end that many people experienced last year. And for those companies or departments that simply didn’t have the time or budget to enjoy end of year team event before Christmas, then there is an even greater need to reward your team at the same time as strengthening and deepening personal bonds.

In our experience, one powerful way to do this is to focus your team on a common interest that has greater significance than themselves. This serves to excite and mobilise them and effectively ignite the team engine.

Our sessions deliver just such a higher purpose as your people will learn about and from one of our charity partners and the incredible work they do and impact they have in our communities. They will also collaborate as a team in fun activities and challenges to deliver something meaningful that has a direct benefit to the people and communities they support.

Your team will leave the session feeling inspired about what is possible and have a shared sense of a higher purpose to fuel the team spirit. This in turn will set the tone for the next chapter and build the momentum needed to tackle the challenges your people will invariably face ahead. Bring them closer through a sense of celebration, camaraderie and gratitude.