NAB – National Volunteer Week

051923 Large Nab Starlight B HawthorneOur thanks this National Volunteer Week goes to the thousands of company employees who have participated in one of our charity team building sessions and given their time and energy to support those in need.

Together we have all made a huge difference to those less fortunate than ourselves through both financial and in-kind support. Our sessions have generated hundreds of hampers, Sparkle packs, Dignity bags and the such that have gone directly to our charity partners to distribute to the people in need they support. This is in addition to the 50% of the net profit from each session booked, which translates to tens of thousands of dollars for our charity partners.

Our sessions are a unique hybrid and blend of corporate volunteering and team building, that we first created in 2015 to meet the growing demand from corporate Australia for special team events that brought groups together to learn more about their colleagues and strengthen their bonds, whilst also making a real difference to the people charities support.

This is a unique team building opportunity that enables our corporate groups to get to know their colleagues on a much deeper more personal level, which helps strengthen existing bonds and reinforce the levels of respect and trust levels in the group. And this all happens through an event that focuses on the important work one of our dozen charity partners do, where your people get the chance to help them in some way.

This act of giving and helping others in need serves to foster a sense of collaboration, team work and partnership which leaves the group with a feeling of having done something truly meaningful and purposeful. This is a feeling that unites a team and makes the day a memorable one.

That’s Team Building with Purpose.

Team Building With Purpose, have a unique proposition which combines team building and contributing to wonderful not-for-profit causes.

Blair Hawthorne

Head of Change, NAB