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blog: conference that deliver a sense of deeper meaning

05262023 Nab ImageMost company conferences are long drawn-out affairs of speaker after speaker, PowerPoint slides full of bullet points and data, but rarely offer the type of emotional connection everyone craves and the real fun happens during the lunch break or at the end of the day during the evening.

What if you could do something within your conference to deliver a sense of deeper meaning that gave your people a greater sense of purpose other than just delivering on the P&L, bottom line and sales targets?

That’s where the power of corporate volunteering comes to play – where your people can collaborate to do something meaningful together in the conference that delivers something of value to those less fortunate than themselves.


More often corporate volunteering takes place at a charity and revolves around an activity that the charity needs help with – garden worker bee, paint walls, feed the homeless….

There are two problems with this:

1. It’s often hard to include corporate volunteering without needing the group to leave the conference location.

2. Managing large groups of people. The reality is that few if any charities can accommodate large groups at any one time or place.

And that’s where we come in

Our sessions are a hybrid between corporate volunteering and team building, where your people learn all about a charity and the great work they do in the community and collaborate in the session in a series of activities that have been designed with our charity partners to deliver something of value they need.

The sessions are not only fun but deepen the connections and relationships between colleagues to foster heightened respect and trust in the team. The icing on the cake is that the group not only get a behind-the-scenes view of a charity but helps that charity through the session activities.

A good example of this in action was the company conference we ran for two big teams at NAB in Melbourne, which was the first time that the whole team had come together this way.

“Team Building with Purpose have a unique proposition which combines team building and contributing to wonderful not-for-profit causes.”
Blair Hawthorne, Head of Change and Communications, NAB

They chose our Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session as they were looking for something that got their people on their feet, inspire them and foster their creative thinking, which the hotly contested Super Power limerick challenge duly did, as well as delivering a deeper sense of appreciation of the strengths of each team member. The final ‘Sparkle’ pack exercise also served to remind the group that together they were providing something special to sick kids, giving them a greater sense of purpose from the session.

“The feedback from colleagues involved in the sessions has been fantastic.”
Blair Hawthorne, Head of Change and Communications, NAB

Another good example of this was the session we ran for the HR leadership team at HSBC Australia & New Zealand, which was a hybrid event with their New Zealand team joining online due to travel restrictions at the time.

“It was great how you were able to bring the three of us who were joining remotely into the room. Really well done.”
Elice Giles, HR Advisor, HSBC, Auckland, New Zealand

05262023 Hsbc Image

The bank chose our CPL ‘Champions’ program as it allowed them to understand how the charity values and empowers their clients to achieve their full potential. This theme was obviously core to their own roles and allowed them to explore the very same potential of their own diverse team and identify ways that they could work even better together in the future.

 Thank you for the team building event you facilitated at HSBC. It was a great event and we are looking forward to working with you in the future.”
Rebecca Nichols, Senior HR Manager, HSBC Australia

These two examples show that it is possible to deliver a higher sense of purpose at a conference that leaves the group feeling that their day has been well spent.

That’s Team Building with Purpose.

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