Most conference and event organisers search long and hard for activities, speakers and events that will enable their conference to stand out – ways to engage the attendees and ensure that the event is memorable – and that’s not as easy as you might think when dealing with large numbers of people.

The usual challenge is how to balance the drier parts of a conference – the expected business updates, quarterly or annual plans, statistics and (sometimes too long!) speeches.

That is why our sessions include multiple activities, individual and group tasks, challenges and competition to stimulate the group and energize them. On top of that our sessions involve interesting table and group discussions around human interest topics, which enable participants to open up and share information about their personal lives and views, which fosters greater levels of understanding and trust in the team.

“What I enjoyed most was the team collaboration and becoming comfortable around colleagues in sharing stories.”

Wes Murillo, Commercial HR Business Partner, Campari Australia

Another challenge that conference and event organisers have is how to touch the hearts of participants and create an emotional engagement to the event and one another. It’s hard enough to do it for small groups but expanding that to scale is no easy task, but the benefit of doing that is getting widescale buy-in, harmony and unity.

This is where our activities come to the fore as they are designed with our charity partners to provide meaningful engagement and purposeful outcomes. As a result, our activities are fun, high paced, thoughtful and all deliver something tangible to our charity partners. Contributing to such a meaningful outcome gives our participants a deeper sense of purpose that transcends the usual business conference and provides a shared feeling of making a real difference in the world…

“What I enjoyed the most was learning more about Starlight, preparing the sparkle box with a special message and group discussions.”

Rose, Campari Australia

…as the 100+ Camparistas discovered at their conference on the Gold Coast when they took part in our Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session and learnt all about the charity and their amazing work, participated in multiple fun and creative challenges and put together ‘Sparkle’ packs (toy hampers) for sick kids in hospital. Besides having fun with their colleagues, they left the session knowing that they had enabled Starlight to bring happiness and joy to 50 hospitalised children – something to be proud about!

“The time spent with the team planning the hamper and then shopping for it was great from a team building perspective and also to give a sense of doing something for someone else.”

Ruth Golden, Finance Director, Campari Australia