This coming Monday is World Mental Health Day, which is a good reminder to us all of just how important it is to be mindful of our mental health and the mental wellness of our family, friends, and colleagues.

Mental health and wellness is no longer a taboo subject, but rather something to be talked about. So why not celebrate this special day in your office on Monday by doing something special for your colleagues or just letting everyone know about this day.

And if you really want to cultivate a culture of greater understanding and support around mental health consider hosting a ‘Mindful Motivators’ team building session for your people.

Mindfulness is a great way to foster wellness in your business and your people will learn about this topic, how to build personal and team resilience and all about the amazing life-saving work our charity partner Drug ARM does in the community.

Our 3-hour in-person (or 2-hour online) sessions are highly interactive and fun and designed to deepen existing connections in the team and strengthen the collaborative fabric of a team.

And as your people deepen their understanding of their colleagues and bond with them, together you will help make a huge difference to a charity and the local community, which will not only bring your team joy but foster that special sense of purpose and meaning which will make your team building session truly unforgettable.

That’s Team Building with Purpose and what you’ll experience with one of our team building sessions, so this #WorldMentalHealthDay be sure to show your people just how much you truly care about their mental health and wellbeing.