Forging Team Bonds

blog: connecting and bonding with colleagues

Emma Ge 1How often do you attend a work function where you don’t talk about work and rather really get to know your colleagues on a deeper and more personal level? Even at an evening drinks function, guards are up and cocktail chatter is in full swing.

Personal sharing is hard to do in the typical work event as the reason you’re all there is to discuss work things, be that a project, annual plans or the such life. At the same time, most people tend to be more reserved in these type of work settings as everyone is on their best behaviour and wary about revealing too much that could cause others to judge or criticise them.

This is why our sessions provide such an invaluable means of connecting and bonding with colleagues, as the topic they are there to talk about is about a charity and the theme is everything but work related.

This allows colleagues to connect through shared experiences, views or thoughts about a cause, topic, theme or group of people, be that environmental sustainability, farmers struggling with natural disasters, mental health, children who are sick, people with disabilities…. This makes it easier and safer for colleagues to open up and talk about life topics rather than work and connect on real issues that affect everyone.

The activities in our sessions deepen that emotional connection and help foster greater understanding and appreciation of others, which in turn builds respect and trust.

To further cement their working relationships, the group collaborates to do activities that are designed to help a charity in one way or another and this fosters a sense of purpose and meaning, so people leave the session knowing that what they have done has helped a charity. So, besides having had a fun time with colleagues, the session has had a higher sense of purpose that has connected everyone in the room.

During the session the table and group discussions will provide colleagues have the opportunity to get know each other outside of the usual work conversations and build an emotional connection and that’s when true team spirit is cultivated.

That’s Team Building with Purpose.

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