Hostplus Team Sparkles with Starlight

“The whole session is well thought out and was a great experience. There was not one part that we did not enjoy.”

Shellie McPhee, Culture & Change Specialist, Hostplus

As part of their annual conference Hostplus chose a Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session for their Risk, Compliance, Legal & Resolution teams in the morning and their People & Culture Team in the afternoon, much to the envy of the other groups when they heard all about what their colleagues got up to with Team Building with Purpose.

The energy and excitement in the room on both sides of lunch would have made it difficult for any observer to pick one group from another as they all competed for the coveted prize of a special Starlight wand, which one team from each session got to take with them to sparkle and spread joy and happiness back at work!

2Nd Pic

Both groups tackled the team ‘Sparkle’ pack toy hampers shipping challenge with considerable focus and enthusiasm and amassed an impressive haul of fun and colourful gifts for the sick kids that they would be given to.

The team competition was fierce and the responses to the challenges highly amusing and creative, especially in the creative limerick challenge, but there was one that resonated particularly well with everyone and ended the session with a suitable message for everyone to remember…

Hostplus Winning Limerick

What makes our team building sessions popular is that beyond just having fun, teams truly bond through personal stories, insights and shares and leave with a cemented sense of purpose having done something meaningful for a charity to help them in support of their work in the community, as supported by participant Emma Mulder, Senior Resolutions Officer at Hostplus:

“My main takeout from the session was the importance of working together as a team to reach a common goal.”

That’s Team building with Purpose.