This is a time of year where companies are looking for ways to get their team together to celebrate the end of the financial and plan for the future, but large team events are not easy to run and the range of companies offering suitable activities for large team formats slim.

These team events are a rare and special opportunity to get everyone together to connect, deepen relationships and mobilise, which is why these moments should not be wasted.

When you have all or most of your people in one place, you have a unique opportunity to reset the team button so everyone leaves the session on the same page with the same understanding, excitement, plans and intent ions for the year ahead. You also have the one real change to light their spark and inspire them so they trade off this renewed energy and drive for the rest of the calendar year rather than fade before Christmas.

Our sessions are full of fun and interactive activities and challenges designed to bring everyone together on the same page. And as the group will learn about a charity and do things to help people less fortunate than themselves, the session will deliver a higher sense of purpose and meaning that will serve to not only bond relationships, but cement them.

That’s Team Building with Purpose.