Forging Team Bonds

blog: connecting and bonding with colleagues

In short, team events are a luxury that few feel able to afford, which is far from the truth of course as the real value can sometimes only be appreciated by the sum of the parts.

That is why it is so important to make each team building session high energy, highly interactive and of course fun. That will then tick the participation and enjoyment box and ensure that they have fond memories of the day and help justify to themselves that the time ‘having fun with my colleagues’ was worthwhile.

What that won’t do is fully convince them that the time couldn’t haver been better spent in front of their computer. Connecting with their colleagues and having a fun time with them can only go some of the way to justifying stepping away from their desk.

But when the team event involves doing something special that helps someone else in need, the participants form an emotional connection to one another and a cause. This deepens relationships in the team and provides the opportunity for colleagues to learn and appreciate more about each other. This delivers emotional depth and value to the group and strengthens the team’s bonds.

Connecting to a cause fosters a sense of purpose, something which humans are always searching for and so anything that does this will give the event true meaning and leave deep and lasting impressions on the group. When this is achieved, the event will feel meaningful for the participants and a good use of their time.

The mark of a great team building day is when the event touches everyone’s heart and is remembered long after the day.

That’s Team Building with Purpose.

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