perfecting team communications with cpl

learning sign language

12152022 Screen Shot 2022 12 15 At 9.54.22 AmCongratulations to the team at Truis who showed such aptitude in learning sign language in our CPL – Choice, Passion, Life ‘Champions’ team building session!

Communication in business takes many forms and it’s something we can all get better at, but it takes effort to communicate in a way that the other person best understands.

Good communication starts from a position of respect and understanding and when we do that we can start to hone our skills and improve the way we interact with others, rather than assume that the way we like to communicate always works for the other person all the time.

So pleased to hear that you took a lot out of this team building about our charity partner and how you can better understand, communicate and work with your colleagues.

May you put all your learnings to good use in 2023!