Sparking Christmas Cheer with Team NAB

Babbling Baboons’ won the team challenge

Congrats to the ‘Babbling Baboons’ who recently won the team challenge at Orion Worldwide‘s Starlight ‘Sparklers’ team building session. You certainly deserved the win, although the competition was tough and your rival teams also put a huge effort into the team activities and challenges. We hope that you are spreading joy & happiness with your prize wands!

This team building activity was an important opportunity for the team at Orion Worldwide to get together after a busy year, so that they could stop and reflect on what they had achieved. Team building events like this are sadly rare, which is why team building is such a precious and valuable way for teams to connect and bond and spend some quality time getting to know each other on a more personal level.

And when a team collaborates together to do something special for others less fortunate than themselves, such as putting together toy hampers for sick children in hospital, especially around Christmas, the event takes on a higher purpose and leaves the group with a greater sense of meaning than what you would get from a typical team work meeting.

The team at Orion Worldwide have big hearts and are already committed supporters of the charity Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia, having already showed their magic touch in 2022 with all the great media they negotiated for your them. May the magic continue in 2023!