Team Mimecast has fun feeding Farmers

Thanks to the fabulous team at Mimecast Sydney for all the fun, energy & enthusiasm in their Drought Angels ‘Rainmakers’ team building session.

Congrats to Team ‘Aussie All Stars’ on winning the hard fought competition!

Your team building session wasn’t just a fun way of spending time together with your colleagues, but made a real difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Know that all the food hampers that you all put together are en route to farmers and their families struggling from natural disasters and that the 50% of the net profit from your team building session will be put to good use to provide much needed services to this amazing charity in their support of the people who put food on our tables so they don’t go without food on their own.

Isn’t it great that team building sessions can be such fun and insightful whilst giving back at the same time!

Thank you.