Teams that Think Positive Stay Positive

Starlight ‘Sparklers’ the Power of Positive Psychology at Accenture

031723 Starlight Accenture R Rajagopalan 2The power of Positive Psychology cannot be underestimated and corporate groups are starting to appreciate its importance and value for their own people, especially during tough times.As the team from Accenture learnt first-hand from their Starlight ‘Sparklers’ session, Positive Psychology plays an integral role in the incredible work and services that the charity Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia provides to sick kids.

Positive Psychology is gaining attention from companies across the world as business and HR leaders’ appreciation of its importance to staff engagement, resilience and retention grows. As the last few years of COVID lockdowns, social isolation and physical separation taught us staff wellness has a direct link to the bottom line.

There is enough evidence to show that when a team is struggling there is a direct correlation to staff tension, friction and low happiness levels and this has a knock on effect to customer satisfaction levels. We also know that core to building the resolve of a team to face the growing challenges, complexities and demands of commerce, is how the company embraces and fosters positive psychology. Plus, this is not just a short-term fix to resolve immediate setbacks and problem, but very much about building the fabric and culture of a workforce to ride the waves and thrive rather than just survive.

So when teams attend one of our Starlight ‘Sparklers’ sessions and learn all about how Starlight have managed to weave positive psychology throughout their organisation, they are inspired and empowered to make changes in the way they approach work.

The behind-the-scenes perspectives of the charity’s world and an appreciation about the tools they use to bring happiness and joy to sick kids, provide the group the evidence and invaluable insights they need to interpret what they learn back into their own world, both at work and home.

Be that picking up tips and ideas from the charity or the wholesale adoption of the PERMAH model that Starlight uses, the results are the same – they leave the session inspired by what they have learnt from Starlight and motivated to adopt their learnings to be in a better and more positive frame of mind when they leave the session and return to work.

There are many great learnings like these that corporate groups get from all our team building sessions. The real magic for team leaders comes when the group translates these behind-the-scenes insights that we share about our charity partners back into their own world to identify connection and growth opportunities for themselves.

When this happens and teams take positive steps after attending one of our sessions to follow-up with their people to coordinate and plan follow-up actions, that’s when the best results can be seen.

Thus, for the forward thinking leaders, our sessions serve as catalysts and motivators for attitudinal and behavioural change and cultural transformation.That’s Team Building with Purpose.