Touching your Team’s Hearts & Minds

As a leader, it is a constant challenge to keep up the spirits and morale of your people so that they are resilient and can ride the waves of setbacks when they come, as they always do in business.
Riding these lows is not easy, especially as many people work remotely some of the week at least, making it difficult to spot those struggling., This is why when you can get your people together in one room and have the chance to chat about important topics in life beyond work, this is a valuable opportunity not to be squandered.
This is especially true at the start of a new fiscal – staff tend to be tired and stressed after the challenges involved at the end of the fiscal and it’s only half way through the calendar year so it’s important to rev them up for the last 6 months. This is why our sessions are full of individual and group challenges, tasks, exercises, activities and competition to fuel your people so they leave the session energized, pumped and inspired.
And as our team building sessions focus on the world of one of our charity partners, your people get the chance to see a different side of life and insights into the personal lives of their colleagues in a fun non-threatening way. And when they collaborate as a group to do activities designed to help our charity partners, that’s when you’ll see their hearts touched and the group start to bond on a deeper more personal level.
By the end of the session, your colleagues will feel more connected to their peers, inspired by what they have learnt and done in the session and energized for the remainder of the year.
That’s Team Building with Purpose.